Doll Inducted into Omaha Press Club Hall of Fame
It is an honor to join the two Jesuits who are in the HOF, Fr. Roswell Williams, and Fr. Lee Lubbers.  They were great men who lived lives of service, and both pushed the boundaries of technology to do that.

I want to recognize Dr. David Haberman, himself a HOF inductee, for nominating me for this award, and who, over 45 years ago, hired me on a ‘wing and prayer’ at the suggestion of Lee Lubbers.   My gratitude also goes out to Charles and Mary Heider, and the Heider family. As the holder of the Charles and Mary Heider Endowed Jesuit Chair, I have been given incredible time and resources to be productive. I can never thank them enough.

I also want thank my professional colleagues in this room and my academic colleagues at Creighton University. I especially want to note Dr. Eileen Wirth, incoming president of the Omaha Press Club Foundation, and her work funding Scholarships for Journalism students., who has been both friend and collaborator.

I am grateful to the Society of Jesus, Creighton University and my Jesuit Community for the years of support in my career as priest-photographer, And my sisters and their husbands, Judy and Kurt Schrang, and Sue and Harold Carlson, for tolerating the many years of practicing my photographic skills on them and their children.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. May God bless you all.

UPCOMING: On April 26, Sioux City's Encounter Center features World Genocide Awareness Program

Tables staffed by volunteers will share information about past and present genocides, including Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Congo, Darfur, World War II, Native Americans and Rwanda. A refugee tent and food sampling will give visitors insight into the meager living conditions of people fleeing atrocities.

Social action tables will promote organizations helping genocide victims, including: Charity Water; Solar Cooker Project; Doctors Without Borders; United Nations Charter of Human Rights; World Vision (hunger); Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which helps people of all faiths; Halo Trust (land mine eradication); Refugee Camp Crisis Around the World; Worldwide Violence Against Women; WORLD AIDS CRISIS; and Sustainability.

Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott will speak at 12:45 p.m. Jesuit photojournalist and Creighton University Professor Emeritus Fr. Don Doll, S.J., will present a 30-minute program at 1 p.m. He will give the audience insight into his experiences traveling the world for the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and witnessing the plight of people fleeing genocides.

In Gulu, Uganda, for example, Fr. Doll photographed Nancy Auma, 18, with her baby whom she named “Aloyo” which means “I have survived” in Nancy’s native Acholi language. When Nancy was pregnant, child soldiers cut off her nose, lips and ears, telling her, “We have no use for you, a pregnant woman.”

On exhibition will be more than 40 images photographed by Fr. Doll of refugees in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Darfur, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Congo, Uganda, Chad and Jordan, as well as landmine victims in Angola and Bosnia, and child soldiers in Uganda and Chad.

At 2 p.m., the documentary “The Last Survivor” will be shown. The award-winning film presents survivors’ stories of four different genocides and mass atrocities – The Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo.

Doll is the True Family Lecturer at University of Oklahoma

Endowed by the family of Agnes M. & G. Herbert True, the lecture hosts a widely-publicized address each spring by a prominent Catholic intellectual.  The True Family aimed to feature presentations of community-wide interest with a focus on the Catholic intellectual and artistic tradition.  

Seeing the 10 year list of previous lecturers, beginning with Cardinal Avery Dulles, I mentioned to Professor Allen Hertzke who invited me that I didn't consider myself a Catholic intellectual. His response: the committee wanted to expand the speakers to include journalists and artists. Then I felt more comfortable accepting his invitation to lecture on what I know: my fifty years in photography, featuring my recent book, A Call to Vision: A Jesuit's Perspective on the World. 

Sioux City Encounter Center Opens Exhibit of Refugee Photographs

      One “On Assignment” image travels to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, where Doll walked through the Mugunga Refugee camp which houses more than 100,000 people fleeing violence. “It was gut-wrenching to view men or women rubbing their stomachs or putting a hand to their mouth indicating their hunger,” says the photographer.

     Other images give insight into violence in Gulu, Uganda, where Doll photographed 18-year-old Nancy Auma with her baby, Alolyo. “I have survived” she told the photographer in the language of her native Acholi where child soldiers cut off her nose, lips and ears, saying, “We have no use for you, a pregnant woman.”

     Doll met an Iraqi couple who fled their home and possessions in Baghdad when they received death threats. He photographed the couple in a Jordanian refugee camp holding a picture of their 22-year-old daughter killed by terrorists who stormed her Baghdad church – the same church where she was married.

St. Augustine Indian Calendar Awarded GOLD in National Calendar Competition

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (January, 2015) – Fifteen new “Children of St. Augustine Indian Mission” portraits by award-winning photographer Fr. Don Doll, S.J. were dedicated to the memory of the late Betty Strong at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 11 at the Betty Strong Encounter Center. Admission will be free.

“Photographs reveal cultures and help other people see those cultures. When you make these pictures larger than life it says, ‘These people are special. We treasure them,’” says Fr. Doll who recently received the Photographic Society of America’s International Understanding Through Photography Award.

Visitors will receive the 2015 edition of the award-winning “Children of St. Augustine Indian Mission Calendar” showcasing Fr. Doll’s photography. The calendar took first place in the non-profit division of the Calendar Marketing Association (CMA) competition in 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2014.

A Garden Exhibit of Jesuit Refugee Service Photos opens at Guadalajara's Jesuit University

Don Doll, S.J., was one of the Jesuit artists invited to exhibit and give an all-university lecture as part of ITESO, the Guadalajara Jesuit University's two week festival celebrating the 200th anniversary of re-institution of the Society of Jesus. View his Garden exhibit [above]; it opened on October 24 and will remain on campus through December 19th.

Doll awarded International Understanding Through Photography Award

The Photographic Society of America, a world-wide organization with 6000 members, presented Don Doll, S.J., with their highest photojournalism award at a banquet held in Albuquerque, NM, on October 3rd. Earlier in the day, Fr. Doll was the keynote speaker with his presentation, A Call to Vision: A Jesuit’s Perspective on the World, his latest book, celebrating 50 years of his photography.

Understanding why the El Salvador Jesuits were Killed, November 16, 1989

Jon Sobrino, S.J. — narrates along with Vinnie O'Keefe, S.J., and Dean Brackley, S.J., the issues that led to the martyrdom of Rutillo Grande, S.J., Archbishop Romero and the six Jesuits: Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J., Segundo Montes, S.J., Juan Ramón Moreno, S.J., Joaquín López y López, S.J., Amando López, S.J, their cook, Elba Ramos, and her 15 year old daughter, Celina. The video provides good background information. November 16, 2015 is the 25th Anniversary of the Martyrs.

The 2014 St. Augustine Calendar Wins GOLD - Best Non-Profit Calendar in America

WINNEBAGO, Neb. (March 14, 2014) – The Calendar Marketing Association's Judges again awarded the GOLD award to the St. Augustine Indian Mission 2014 Calendar designed by Pat Osborne of Mutual of Omaha. Now the calendar has 4 Gold awards and one Silver award in the Non-Profit category.

Fr. Doll’s “Children of St. Augustine” portraits are on exhibition throughout the year at the Betty Strong Encounter Center, Sioux City, Iowa. The movie, A Beautiful Friendship, narrated by Marcia Poole, the Encounter Center's director, tells the story of the relationship between St. Augustine's Indian School and the Encounter Center.

St. Augustine Indian Mission is located off Highway 77 in Winnebago. For more information, visit:



Doll Receives Neihardt Award

On Sunday, November 11, 2013 at the Neihardt Foundation’s Laureate’s Feast, Don Doll, S.J., was named a “Word Sender,” and awarded a bronzed buffalo sculpture. “Word Sender” is what Black Elk called John Neihardt, the author and poet who wrote the classic “Black Elk Speaks,” detailing Black Elk’s life and visions.

In his acceptance slide/presentation, Doll expressed his surprise at being chosen for the “Word Sender” Award.  Doll paused and surmised that he might have been chosen if one considers the alleged Chinese proverb, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” eliciting a laugh from the audience. [See Wikipedia for origin of the phrase].

Doll talked about his ‘vocation within a vocation’ as a Jesuit photographer and showed selected images from his 50 year career photographing Native Americans. Many appear in his latest book: A Call to Vision: A Jesuit’s Perspective on the World. The book is available on this website:

Doll on faculty for Fall Photography at the Summit Workshop — Jackson Hole, WY, Sept 29 - Oct 4, 2013

It’s called a Summit because you can’t reach any higher, and you can’t get to a better workshop embracing digital photography in both documentary and nature/wildlife photography than the Fall Photography at the Summit. Photograph alongside and network with the some of the top photographers and editors in the nation, producing artistic and original images in the shadow of the Tetons at the Fall Photography At The Summit workshop in Jackson, WY, Sunday September 29 through Friday October 4, 2013. Reinvigorate that creative eye, brush up on the latest technical advances, and push your photographic skills to new levels in a workshop environment that draws from the Summit Workshops 30+ years of workshop experience. For more information or to register, please visit

Doll Presents His Life's Work in Lecture Series.

TORONTO, ONTARIO — On May 29th, 2013, I presented a series of images from my book, A Call to Vision: A Jesuit's Perspective on the World, at the Anglican Center on Church Street in Toronto, Canada. I was surprised by the coverage in the Toronto Star that weekend. Leslie Scrivener, the reporter, had placed a double page layout in the centerfold of Saturday's edition of the Insight section of the Star. Newspapers rarely give that kind of space to a photography layout. I could hardly believe it. 

Here's the story in the Toronto Star. It's a good read. On June 25th, I did a similar presentation in the Vancouver Club in Vancouver, BC. 

Doll's New Book: A Call to Vision, A Jesuit’s Perspective on the World

OMAHA, Neb. — Fifty-years of award winning photography is celebrated in, A Call to Vision, A Jesuit’s Perspective on the World, the final book in the Vision series by Jesuit photographer, Don Doll, S.J.

The book covers 50 years of Fr. Doll’s work and details the story of his 'vocation within a vocation' as a Jesuit Photographer. It includes his early work with Native Americans, a series on Hospice care, and photographs of Jesuits working around the world. This latest book is the final in a series that began with Crying for a Vision, (1976) and Vision Quest: Men, Women and Sacred sites of the Sioux Nation (1994.)

His work has been featured in National Geographic and eight Day in the Life of… books over the past 50 years. Fr. Doll has lived and worked at Creighton University since 1969. He is a Professor Emeritus of journalism and holds the Charles and Mary Heider Jesuit Chair.

The 224 page book, published by Creighton University Press and Magis Productions, is available in three editions — soft bound ($60), hard bound ($85) and leather bound ($150) and is available for purchase on his website at Recently, it was featured in the New York Times. Price includes shipping within the USA only. Add $40US more for shipping to Canada.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Vision Quest Endowment Fund supporting Native American scholarships, and the Jesuit Refugee Service. Bulk orders and pricing available for Jesuit Institutions.

Encounter Center Opens 2012 St. Augustine Calendar Exhibit

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (Jan. 20, 2012) – The 2012 “Children of St. Augustine Indian Mission” portrait exhibition by award-winning photographer Fr. Don Doll, S.J. was dedicated to the memory of Betty Strong at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 29 at the Betty Strong Encounter Center. Admission will be free. A reception will follow.

The event featured remarks by Fr. Doll; Jackie Smith, one of Betty Strong’s four children; Mark Monson, president of Missouri River Historical Development, Inc., the non-profit that built and sustains the Center; and Fr. Dave Korth, Director of St. Augustine. Since 2006, the Center has presented annual exhibitions of Fr. Doll’s portraits of the Children of St. Augustine. “The presence of these portraits at the Betty Strong Encounter Center honors my mother and all that she did for children during her many years of community leadership,” says Smith.

Fr. Dave presented a Native Flute program with highlights from his CD, “Songs & Prayers from Saint Augustine Indian Mission.” Visitors received a copy of the 2012 edition of the award-winning St. Augustine Calendar participated in a drawing for Fr. Dave’s CD.

The First Peoples of the Great Plains
Exhibit opened September 30, 2011 at Morrill Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska 'The First Peoples of the Great Plains' lived upon and moved across the “land beneath the sky.” They transformed the natural products of this diverse region into tools, food, clothing, and shelter. In turn, their solutions to the challenges of life on these vast grasslands became cultural traditions that also shaped language, marriage, artistic expression, and religion. Discover these enduring traditions in this newly renovated exhibit gallery that celebrates Native American cultures of the past and present. Located on the UNL City Campus, south of 14th & Vine Streets at the University of Nebraska State Museum. ( Generous support provided by the Hubbard Family Foundation. Photo © Don Doll, S.J.

St. Augustine Wins Gold Award - for Second Straight Year!

The 2012 St.Augustine Indian School Calendar designed by Pat Osborne of Mutual of Omaha, again, for the second year in a row, won the Gold Award for a non-profit calendar in the National Calendar Awards sponsored by the Calendar Marketing Association. It also won in 2009 and 2011. The 2012 calendar represents the 10th calendar for which I've photographed the children in their Native American regalia. The calendar can be purchased on the St. Augustine website.

Jesuit Commons: Higher Educations at the Margins
DENVER, Colorado - March 8-11, 2012 — Over a hundred people from 28 countries attended a meeting of the Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins. JC-HEM is an effort to provide higher education in refugee camps in Dzaleka, Malawi; Kakuma, Kenya; and Aleppo, Syria. The average stay in a refugee camp is 17 years. Many refugee children are born in a camp, attending grades 1-12 with teachers often trained by Jesuit Refugee Service. In a four-year pilot program Regis University, one of twenty-eight Jesuit universities in the United States, has been offering online courses from volunteers at Jesuit Universities worldwide leading to community service learning experiences and a diploma in liberal studies. This conference's objective was to find ways to make these projects scalable, transferable and sustainable. Read Julie Filbey's article in the Denver Catholic Register by downloading the PDF.

Celebrating Ten Years of St. Augustine Indian Mission School Calendars

OMAHA, Nebraska (Feb. 5, 2012) — At St. Cecilia Cathedral Parish Center, Fr. Dave Korth and Friends of the St. Augustine Indian Mission honored Fr. Don Doll, S.J. at a celebration marking the 10th Anniversary of the Award-Winning St. Augustine Indian Mission Calendars. The calendar, designed by Pat Osborne of Mutual of Omaha, won the National Calendar Gold Award for the best non profit calendar in the United States in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Download the PDF for instructions on how to order a calendar. Or, click on the VIDEO button to view a ten minute video of the star quilt presentation.

Fifteen Years of Red Cloud School Calendars Celebrated

RAPID CITY, South Dakota (Oct. 15, 2011) — At the Dahl Art Center a traditional Lakota honoring ceremony was held at an exhibit of a selection of photographs from 15 years of Red Cloud Calendars. Hunter and Vonna Blackshirt, who were featured in many of the calendars, wrapped Fr. Don Doll, S.J., in a star quilt.

NETV airs Don Doll's Vision Quest
NETV posted a 28 minute edit of Mike Farrell's award-winning production, Don Doll's Vision Quest on their website. It's been well received by Nebraska viewers. A cute story: I was photographing on a sandhills ranch in western Nebraska, the rancher says: "I know you. I recognize your voice. You've been here before!" When I responded, "No, I've never been on your ranch before." He said: "Oh, I saw you on NETV." View the shorter 10 minute program here.

Artist of the Year Award
Native American Stone Sculptor, Edward R. Thomas, carved this alabaster buffalo adorning the 2006 "Artist of the Year" Award presented to me by the governor of Nebraska, David Heineman.

In the Middle East on Assignment for JRS
In March, 2011, I traveled to Ankara, Turkey, Aleppo and Damascus, Syria and Amman, Jordan to photograph the work of JRS with Iraqi refugees. The photo, titled “Veiled Differences, Unveiled Similarities,” features an Iraqi refugee woman and her daughter being welcomed by Sr. Hala, a Syrian nun, to a Mother’s Day celebration at the Jesuit Refugee Service Deir Vartan Centre in Aleppo, Syria.

Selected as Best Photo, JRS Middle East Region was awarded a $500 grant and an additional $250 for Best Overall Entry. It was submitted by Zerene Haddad of JRS Middle East Region to the contest titled 'Positive Change in Action' showing positive social change in the region.

St. Augustine Wins Gold Award
The 2011 St. Augustine Indian Mission Calendar was granted the Gold Award at a national calendar competition. It was selected as the number one non-profit calendar in the country.

"The calendar features the photography of Don Doll, SJ, who portrays the beauty of the Indian children in their Native regalia." The layout design artist was Pat Osborne from Mutual of Omaha. The calendar also won the best in show in the Heartland Print competition. If you would like to receive the 2011 calendar, please contact St. Augustine Indian Mission at 402-878-2402.

Molly Mullen: On Assignment in Bangkok
Molly Mullen, the 2010 Creightonian editor, produced, wrote, photographed and re-designed DIAKONIA, the quarterly publication of JRS Asia Pacific, where she serves as an intern for the Jesuit Refugee Service in Bangkok, Thailand.

Doll Awarded Chief Standing Bear Award
Magis Productions was selected by the Chief Standing Bear Planning Committee to receive the Chief Standing Bear Organizational Award, "recognizing you for your work to give “voice” to Native American peoples and promoting social justice for all."

The Chief Standing Bear Commemoration Celebration took place Friday, May 14, 2010 at 11:45 a.m. in the Rotunda of the State Capitol.

In SE Asia on Assignment for JRS
In February and March of 2010, I photographed Jesuits working through JRS with refugees along the Thai-Burma border, in SE Aceh, and in East Timor. For the first time I did a blog of experiences and descriptions of the Jesuits I met along the way.

2009 Award Winning Calendar
The 2009 St. Augustine Indian Mission Centennial Calendar was granted the Gold Award at a national calendar competition. It was selected as the number one non-profit calendar in the country.

JRS works in the Rwanda Kibiza Camp
Sr. Irene Guia, ACI, narrates this short video showing the work of Jesuit Refugee Service in the Kibiza Camp where over 18,000 refugees have lived since 1996.

The New Oche Campion College in Uganda
Frs. Tony Wach, S.J., and Jim Strzok, S.J., are building a new regional high school to be named: Oche Campion College. Both Tony and Jim graduated from the original Campion located in Praire du Chien, Wisconsin, which closed in the early seventies.

Don Doll in Rome
When I was in Rome last month to photograph the General Congregation 35, my friend, Tom Rochford, S.J., interviewed me for his Jesuit Voices site - MP3, 24 min, available on Magis. After taking portraits of Jesuits with Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., the newly elected Superior General, I was honored when they asked me to step into a photograph with them. At first, I protested 'No!' but a chorus of Jesuits insisted. I went to stand next to them, but Frs. Adolfo and Peter Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., the general for 24 yrs, placed me between themselves - as a sign of their gratitude for the GC 35 photos.

Photo Exhibit at Marquette's Haggerty Art Museum

January 31 – April 13, 2008

Haggerty Museum of Art Marquette University opens “The Grandeur of God“ Photographs by Don Doll, S.J.

Betty Strong Encounter Center Opens in Sioux City
The Betty Strong Encounter Center opened the first week of December, 2007, with three exhibits, the Missouri River, the children of St. Augustine 2008 Calendar, and a Corn exhibit with photographs by Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza.

The exhibits were designed by Magis Productions, ie, Carol McCabe and Don Doll, S.J.. The 60' Missouri River Wall from Yankton, SD, to Omaha, NE, was designed by Pat Osborne.

Aegean Encounters on the Missouri
SIOUX CITY, Iowa – “Aegean Encounters on the Missouri: The Greek Community of Sioux City” opened at noon Sunday, Aug. 19 at the Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. The exhibition comprises 24 portraits by photographer Don Doll, S.J., a DVD production by G.R. Lindblade & Co., and displays of cultural items on loan from Sioux City Greek residents and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. View slide show by clicking here

“Aegean Encounters on the Missouri” reflects the Center’s ongoing commitment to encouraging dialogue, understanding and peace, says Marcia Poole, director. “The Center’s story began with the Lewis & Clark Expedition but it doesn’t end with the Corps of Discovery’s return to St. Louis in September 1806. It continues with encounters among people who were in this area before the Corps of Discovery and those who have come since,” she says.

Omaha Press Club Awards
For the second year the St. Augustine Mission Calendar won lst place for Best Brochure/Direct Mail piece. Doll also won a 2nd place for his Creighton Magazine picture story, entitled "Cat Scan," with photos of an Omaha Zoo Malaysian tiger receiving a cat-scan at Creighton's hospital. The awards were judged by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Press Clubs.

Lewis & Clark Trail Photographs Open
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (April 12, 2007) - Fourteen Lewis & Clark Trail images by award-winning photographer Fr. Don Doll, S.J., are now on exhibition at the Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. The show, titled “On the Lewis & Clark Trail,” presents seven 20-by-54-inch panoramas, and seven 20-by 30-inch images portraying sites encountered by the Corps of Discovery. Signage for each photograph features an excerpt from the Journals of Lewis & Clark.

“I love doing panoramas and that’s what made doing the Lewis & Clark exhibit so much fun,” says Doll, professor of Fine Arts at Creighton University and the Charles and Mary Heider Endowed Jesuit Chair. “Each day, I was up at sunrise. I set up camp only after the sun set so I could use that beautiful light at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day to photograph.”

2007 St. Augustine Calendar photos
January 30, 2007
Recently I've been having fun putting sound together with images using the program Soundslide; check out the 2007 St. Augustine Calendar. It's a Flash presentation; to view, simply click on 'more.' To purchase, go to Products on this site.

St. Augustine 2007 Calendar Exhibit
Sioux City's Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center [Exit 149 on I-29] features 20 x 30 inch portraits of the children who were photographed in their dance regalia for the 2007 St. Augustine Indian School Calendar. The exhibit runs through March of 2007.

Genoa Indian School [1884-1934] Annual Banquet
After Don Doll's slide presentation of his work among Native Americans, Judi Gaiashkibos, Executive Director of Nebraska's Commission on Indian Affairs, presents him with an Admiralship in Nebraska's Navy authorized by Governor Dave Heineman.

Vision Quest in Sioux City
May 20, 2006
The Vision Quest exhibit opened May 14, 2006, with talks by Don Doll, S.J. and Duane Hollow Horn Bear. It will be at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center through Labor Day weekend, 2006. [Exit 125 on I-29]

Best of Show
– March 13, 2006
The St. Augustine calendars for 2005 and 2006 received the Best of Show awards at the Heartland Print Gallery, using the photographs of Don Doll, S.J. and the design skills of Pat Osborne of Mutual of Omaha.

Governor's Arts Award
On January 31st, 2006, Don Doll, S.J., was honored as "Artist of the Year" at the Governor's Awards luncheon in Lincoln, Nebraska. The award is given biannually to outstanding artists in any medium. Past recipients include Ted Kooser, Nancy Duncan, Keith Jacobshagen, and Megan Terry. View 2 minute Quicktime movie shown at the awards ceremony by Black Anvil Productions.

Attending Jon Cortina, S.J.'s Wake & Funeral
— December 23, 2005

Bert Thelen, S.J, and I represented our classmates and Creighton University at Jon Cortina, S.J.'s wake and funeral, December 15 and 16 in San Salvador. Jon worked for years to re-acquaint children with their families of origen. Declared 'war orphans' the children were adopted out into 14 countries. Jon's work was the subject of our documentary "Healing the Wounds of War" on the Jesuit Journeys DVD available under the 'Products' menu on this site.

National Geographic Handbook
- December 15, 2005
My friend, Richard Olsenius, included my work in his new handbook on black & white photography.

Buy at after Googling "Richard Olsenius," or view Richard's web site.

In Eastern Africa on Assignment for JRS
Recently I photographed in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan for a book to be published by JRS/Rome celebrating 25 years of bringing education to refugees. Schools in refugee areas help stablize a refugee community.

Download and Save the PDF to your desktop, and view in Acrobat Reader with 'continuous' turned on on the bottom right of your screen so you can view the two page spreads.

Celebrating 50 years as a Jesuit
— August 28, 2005
In early June, the Wisconsin Province of Jesuits celebrated their 50th anniversary as did Don Doll, S.J., who entered Society of Jesus on September 1, 1955. Marquette photographer Dan Johnson caught me in a pensive moment as the citation is read.

Jesuits Assist Tsunami Victims
In April I went to Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to document how the Jesuits are helping Tsunami victims. Accompanying me were the husband-wife video team of Anne Burke and Chris Bell who are producing a video, "The Spirit of Tsunami," which are streaming on this site now as a Quicktime movie. The photographs appeared in Fall 2005 Creighton University Magazine.

Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award
— February 8, 2005
During Creighton University Founder's week at the 19th Annual Arts and Sciences College Luncheon, Don Doll received the Dean's Award for Professional Excellence in Teaching. After an acceptance talk on teaching, he posed with one of his teaching heros, Dr. Allen Schlesinger, and his wife Julie.

'Vision Quest' archived at Marquette University
The materials gathered during the production of the Vision Quest book project were donated to the Special Collections Archive at Marquette University. The Archives house a significant collection, entitled "Christianity in Native America."

Doll conducts Picture Editing and Digital Photography workshop
At the 8th annual conference of AEJP [Association of Editors of Jesuit Publications] held at Marquette University, July 11-14, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Doll led a morning session on Picture Editing and Digital Photography. [Photo of Doll in vestments with camera by Jean Santopatre, Fairfield University]

OPC Awards Banquet
At the first Excellence in Journalism Awards dinner, keynote speaker Don Doll demonstrated his newly-designed Magis website. Doll's home page uses a Flash container drawing upon a PHP database managed through a web browser interface through which Don can easily update his site from anywhere in the world. Earlier in the day, Don led an afternoon workshop in digital photography.

An email from America 24/7 announced that I have eight photographs in the Nebraska version. In a few days, I will post some of the photos

UNO Award to Don Doll, S.J.
Dr. Michael Sherer presents Fr. Don Doll, S.J. with the Communication Achievement Award at University of Nebraska at Omaha's School of Communication Awards banquet.

CU students at Crazy Horse
Nancy Kelsey and Princella Parker, Native American students at Creighton University, received scholarships from Ruth Zoilkowski during the Native American Newspaper Career Conference held April 13-15 at the Crazy Horse Conference Center north of Custer, South Dakota in the Black Hills.

Palm Sunday at the ILAC center
— April 4, 2004
Modern dancer María Ligia Grullón leads the Palm Sunday procession at the Ilac Center in Santiago, Dominican Republic as Fr. Ernesto Travieso, S.J., celebrant.

Vision Quest at Holy Cross College
— February 23, 2004
Duane Hollow Horn Bear, professor of Lakota Studies at Sinte Gleska University on South Dakota's Rosebud Sioux Reservation, speaks at the opening of the Vision Quest exhibit at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts.